Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Songs and Bedtime Rituals

We always sing Jonah songs when he goes to bed. It's part of his bedtime ritual. Apparently every kid has some bedtime ritual. Some families give their kids a bath, read 7 stories, do a dance, drink some milk, sing songs, take another bath and then the kid goes to bed, maybe. Our kids are lucky to get a bath a month. They're not the cleanest children. But they're cute! Anyway, we'd heard of these crazy multi-hour bedtime rituals and tried to keep Jonah's to a normal set of things.

Long ago the bed time ritual consisted of:

  1. Change diaper
  2. Drink "Warm Hot" milk. He learned that hot was too hot, but I guess that warm wasn't hot enough. Thus was born "Warm hot milk." e.g. "Do you want some hot milk, Jonah?" "No! I want warm hot milk!"
  3. Read a book
  4. Sing a worker man song (Some song made up on the spot about a kind of worker, maybe a mechanic, a fireman, a police woman, or sometimes all three or more).
  5. More songs by me and Kelly. Kelly knows lots of songs and is good at making up songs. I think I'm better at making up songs that, well, that make sense, but she's a great singer. She'd laugh as I made faces at her because I was worried her song would teach Jonah some crazy wrong thing and he'd forever think monkeys live underwater or you know, like that Argon* is NOT a noble gas. Sheesh.
  6. Twinkle Twinkle (the big finale)
  7. Kiss goodnight

These days the ritual is more like this:

  1. Tell Jonah it's time to brush his teeth
  2. Overcome his resistance to the idea of brushing his teeth, even though we brush his teeth every night. Could be some crying here.
  3. Go to the bathroom
  4. Read a book
  5. Read another book
  6. Put on pullups
  7. Maybe put on "Sleeping Pants" or a "Sleeping Shirt" (These pretty much need to match or he's not too cool on the whole thing
  8. Sing "Factory" -- Somehow, months ago, I came up with a song about a factory worker who messed up. Now the messing up part is key to the song. I forget what the original version was but it was something like this... A family asked the factory worker man to fix their crib. 'Cause it was broken. And, well, I guess in this song they fix cribs at repair factories. Anyway, there was a mix-up at the factory. You guessed it, the crib went on the wrong converyer belt. Yes, yes, it was put on the remote control car line. So at the end of the line the factory worker had a remote control crib instead of just a fixed crib. Now it was cool, because one could drive it around, but it wasn't really what the family wanted. I think the family requested their one crib to be fixed normally and maybe one R/C crib, 'cause a remote control crib is pretty cool.
  9. Twinkle Twinkle -- Still the big finale. I have sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star more times than any other song in my life. It makes me yawn when I sang it. I think I've been conditioned by singing it so many times when I'm sleepy.
  10. Kiss goodnight

* I considered "Neon" here but I think you'll agree with Kelly and I that Argon is WAY funnier than Neon.

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