Thursday, July 26, 2007

I like 7

I heard a man and woman talking on the bus today. I'm sorry I missed the beginning of the conversation because it was so wild. They didn't know each other and mostly the man was talking. He went over how he and someone else were dragons. Well reincarnated dragons, and it went on for a while. I was thinking "Oh, okay, I didn't spot these two for geeks, but clearly they are either role-playing geeks, science fiction geeks or maybe like World of Warcraft geeks." Man, I love role-playing and all that geeky stuff, but I might be embarassed to talk about it on the bus. But no, I was wrong. In fact he was saying he was a reincarnated dragon. Or at least, you know, his spirit was that of a dragon. I'm hoping based on the word "Dragon" and a few other key words from their conversation and the magic of Google that I'll find this guy's nutty web page.

The train ride was a better experience. Well, the train ride is always a better experience. But there was a mommy and a 3-year-old boy coming home from the airport. They had two big suitcases. The boy was constantly asking questions and making statements. It was awesome. And all really funny to me. Three-year-olds are pretty much universally cute. "Is this our stop? This isn't our stop, so we need to stay on the train. I don't want to walk on the tracks. It's dangerous to walk on the tracks. Right Mommy? Do you see the seven? I like seven*. Do you see eight? Eight is a boy but five and seven are girls. I love you Mommy."

My good deed for the day was helping them with their bags when they got off at their stop. I was going to call this post "Good Deed for the Day" but I like this title better.

* I like seven too, but I didn't tell him that. I didn't want him to learn to talk to strangers, y'know? Numbers though... they're cool!

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