Saturday, July 14, 2007

It... might... have... switched... to...

We were sitting at the dinner table tonight and Jonah started telling us to stop and go. He was pretending to be some kind of stop and go machine. So we were eating our food and he would put his hands up with his fingers spread and we'd all stop eating (except for Ari, that kid never stops eating*). He was pretending to be a stop and go machine. So he'd put his hands down and we'd eat. Hands up, no eating. No moving. Hands down everything is all right. Good times, right?

So we're doing this and I think "Crap. I'm hungry. I wish he'd put a little more time between the "Go" and the "Stop." This is ridiculous. And that's right when the Stop and Go machine (a.k.a. Jonah) broke. His hands went down and he made that "Whrrrrrr" sound that the breaking machines/robots that are turning off and breaking make. And I said "Uh oh. What happened to the machine? It's broken." And I thought "Hey, I can go back to eating. Nice."

Then, as Kelly and I were celebrating the end of the machine, Jonah as narrator said "You have to be careful because the machine..." and we're not sure what else he said. We were busy eating and, you know, happy the machine had quit its thing. Next we heard "It... might... have... switched... to... choppers!" And that's when he started chop chop chopping furiously with his chopper arms.

Kelly and I were talking about how you really have to pay attention to those red and green traffic lights to stop and go. Or else look out, maybe CHOPPERS! That started the uncontrollable laughter. Jonah followed up with changing into hammers, pokers, cutters and wackers.

* Note: Ari is only 16-months-old, so he's not really a kid, but "that kid never stops eating" sounds funnier than "that baby never stops eating."

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supercanuck said...

Hi Eric. It's Kelly from Michigan. Just wanted to say "Hello" and all that. Amy said she saw you when she lived in Utah a few years ago. It's nice to see that you are happy and doing well.

Your kids are lovely, by the way.