Thursday, July 19, 2007

I broke a DVD

My train pulled into the train station and I was rushing to put my headphones and computer away. That's when I slid my computer into my backpack and heard a loud POP. I thought it was a plastic bag although what's a plastic bag doing in my backpack? It turns out it was one of our DVDs from Blockbuster Total Access. D'oh. It snapped in half.

I signed us up for Blockbuster Total Access, it's like NetFlix -- DVDs by mail. But also you can return the movies to any Blockbuster store and get a free rental right away in addition to your by-mail DVDs. I'm not a fan of Blockbuster the company, but it's hard to beat Blockbuster Total Access when you live as close to Blockbuster as we do.

So I felt bad right away when I realized I broke it. I guess because I'd have to pay for it. Plus it was season two of Scrubs (the tv show). And I really liked season one of Scrubs. Why didn't someone else tell me about it sooner? Speaking of which, why didn't someone tell me how good Weeds on ShowTime was? (It's really good. Like almost Arrested Development good.)

I wondered if Blockbuster would charge me a ton for the movie or what. I don't know yet... Surprisingly, I filled out the online "Problem Report" form truthfully. I considered saying I lost the DVD or that it had arrived broken. But they have an option right there "I damaged the DVD." And that is exactly what happened. The good news so far: They immediately asked me if I wanted another copy of that DVD right away or another one on my want list. Nice. Strong work Blockbuster. That is much better than the "You owe us $29" screen I was expecting.


I talked to my mom and she's the one who told us about Weeds. So I take it all back! Although if you know of a really good show you should still tell me. Also. That reminds me. If there's a really good band the same rule applies and you should tell me. For example, here are some good ones: Talking Heads, Matisyahu, Blue Oyster Cult, The Specials, Sisters of Mercy, and Ben Folds Five.

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