Monday, February 23, 2009


So far it's been a pretty stinky year, 2009. I won't go into the details onacounta who knows who reads this blog. Maybe I should password protect it? Sell subscriptions? Then it wouldn't be weird to cover what's what. Then again, maybe I don't need to. Most anyone who reads this (Hi Dad and Mom!) already know everything crappy that's happened this year.

I've been making progress on solitaire for the iPhone. It's starting to come together. I'm hoping to whoop the pants off all the other solitaire games. Unfortunately that doesn't necessarily translate to sales. My solitaire for Palm came out very well but it was hard to compete with like 90 other solitaire games. It was more of a marketing competition than anything else... and I'm a game developer, not a marketing weasel. Ha, that reminds me once when I worked for Catapult Entertainment long ago (1995?). I was talking with the marketing person and she didn't know I'd worked on Ultimate Solitaire. I think she saw the CD or something and we talked a little about it. Anyway, that was the conversation where I realized we'd sold WAY more copies of Ultimate Solitaire than Catapult had sold of their XBAND modem. It wasn't much later that I quit my job at Catapult and worked on a new improved version of Ultimate with Joe at Delta Tao.

I'm not sure who reads this blog. But if you're interested in helping test out solitaire for the iPhone and you're not some spy for one of the many other giant solitaire corporations... then send me your iPhone/iTouch UDID and maybe I'll set you up with a copy.