Monday, July 02, 2007

My message to Apple's web site feedback...

Here's a message I just sent to Apple about their web site. I'm red/green "Color Blind" which mostly means I have trouble telling the difference between red and green sometimes. Anyway, as someone who is passionate about user interfaces and making life easier for users, I got mad when I saw Apple's iPhone availability web page. It made me extra mad because normally they know better than to use red and green dots. Duh.

The iPhone availability screen uses red and green dots to show which stores have and don't have iPhones. That's not-so-good for the 8-10% of men who are red/green color blind like me. You'll have a much better shot at my business if I can tell which stores have the iPhone.

You may want to revisit that artwork and follow the old (and very good) Apple Human Interface Guidelines... Don't use color as the only way to communicate something. You can use shape/pattern/whatever. Or for me if you used blue and red that would do it.


Eric Snider

Update Hey, my brother David let me know that Apple updated their availability page. Now it uses squares and circles. Nice! I'm not sure if it was me who got them to change the page. But I'm going to assume it was. Now I need to start writing congress about electric cars or something. Maybe plug-in hybrids?

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