Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Eric's Favorite TV Shows

Here are the shows I like a lot and record on our TiVo, especially now that it's working again. If you want to skip the list you should just record "Arrested Development" and you'll be ok.

Family Guy - Great cartoon that I'm sorry I missed when it first aired. They're showing all the episodes ever made and I heard they're working on a Family Guy movie.

Aqua Teen Hungerforce - Crazy/weird 15 minute cartoon where, well, it's like the super disturbing lives of some cartoon characters for a fast food company after the ads using them didn't work out. It's funny and weird.

Arrested Development - Super funny and well-written sit-com with Jason Bateman

Chapelle's Show - This is the best sketch comedy show on television. I've watched the Rick James episodes a bunch of times and just thinking about 'em makes me laugh.

Reno 911! - Fake police "reality" show, like Cops. Makes me laugh out loud.

Coupling - British sitcom... sort of like Friends but weirder and racier

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Am I the only one that guesses what the real news is based on comedy news?

Nip/Tuck - It's like a soap opera centered around plastic surgeons. It's awesome although I'm wondering if at some point, like all soap operas, they will have a UFO and aliens on the show.

Six Feet Under (HBO) - About a super dysfunctional family that runs a funeral home. Tons of crazy stuff happens and it has sucked me in.

Carnivale (HBO) - About a traveling circus but there's a lot of creepy supernatural somethin' goin' on. Awesome!

Monk - Too predictable yet how can you not love a detective with OCD

Gilmore Girls - Lots of fast talkin' dialog and it's pretty funny

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