Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Blurry but cute

Jonah and I went to the mall to buy him some shoes. Apparently when your 15-month old walks around a lot you're supposed to put shoes on 'em. So they don't walk on glass or get cold or somethin'. We've done great at buying used clothes and getting hand-me-downs from friends. But we've been weak in terms of securing shoes for him. If you're looking to make any donations he wears a size 6. :-) Although you may want to bump that to 6 1/2 since he's growing like a weed.

We bought 2 pairs of shoes at Nordstrom's for $53 (yikes). I saw some cool lookin' Converse shoes and asked if they had 'em in his size. "Yes, but we've only got them in white." Beautifully I was about to ask her if they had any shoes that they recommended that weren't white (They had a LOT of white shoes). All-white shoes just don't seem so cool to me. They look huge and dorky. The Converse required tying anyway so we ended up with a slip on pair of slippers and a cool red/black pair of "Etnies" with velcro (picture on left). I'm not familiar with "Etnies." They look like they're a super cool brand with a fancy box, free sticker etc. I'll put an url here and we can all find out... http://www.etnies.com Like it won't just be a porn site.

Anyway, the ladies there were really nice and they gave Jonah a balloon. (See picture above taken with my cell phone camera... Low quality, but convenient!)

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