Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I've been up since 5am. I've got horrible allergies right now. Runny nose and itchy eyes. Even the roof of my mouth is itchy. I've taken some generic Claritin every day for the last few days but it doesn't seem up to the job.

Why am I so allergic now? Maybe it's all the rain? Or our heat is on... is there some kind of creepy mold in the air filter? Should I have changed the filter already? Does anyone change those filters?

pancake bearSo I'm up "early." Back before Jonah was born this would have counted as the "middle of the night." Now it's just "I'm up 2 hours early." He wakes up at 7am every day. Like clockwork. OK, sometimes he sleeps really late and gets up at 7:30am. Kelly and I pretend that he is still sleeping and sometimes manage to stay in bed 'til 8am. Meanwhile Jonah is busy working on projects in his crib with "Cow" and "Pancake Bear." Probably teaching them the baby-sign for "Airplane" and "Light."

OK, the Chlor-Trimeton (more allergy medicine) I took earlier is starting to kick in.

I'd watch some recorded TV shows if only our TiVo was working... It's sort of working. Apparently my not-so-professional installation of the satellite dish is even less professional than I realized. The dish has shifted enough (from the rain - see above) that for some of the channels we just have audio and weird alien-looking snippets of video.

FYI - TiVo is like a digital VCR. Imagine your VCR had a TV Guide built into it and you could pick the shows you want. There are no tapes - everything is recorded to a hard drive inside the TiVo. TiVo is one of my favorite products of all time.

It just started pouring rain. Wow. After months and months of nearly identical sunny days it's cool and weird to hear the rain. It was grey yesterday and I liked it!

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