Saturday, July 04, 2009

Solitaire, lemons, pool

1) Kelly bought an inflatable (but kind of hard-core) pool for $30 used (it turns out it was $150 new + all the chemicals and more came with it). We set it up in the back yard. I thought it was an "8 foot" pool. But it's 13 feet. It's kind of huge considering our small back yard. Anyway, it's fun. I get to do all the cool stuff my dad did with our pool when I was growing up. Like use the cool water tester thing and put the drops in and shake it. And add chlorine. And yell at the kids to keep the chickens out of the pool*.

2) We have a lemon tree. We don't take care of it, really at all. It makes a million lemons all year long. I don't think it ever stops. Anyway, today I used up like 30 lemons and made a huge pitcher or lemonade (including simple syrup 'cause we're kind of fancy here about our lemonade) and also made lemon sorbet which is in the freezin' machine now.

3) Andy Fitzsimon started working on artwork for my iPhone solitaire game. He's already made some great art and has had a bunch of good ideas for the game. I swear we are going to beat the pants off the other solitaire games on the iPhone. Heck, maybe we'll beat the pants off of a bunch of other non-solitaire games. I have no idea if we'll make money though... Anyway, it's already looking better and the sounds from Michael at Magnetron Audio are great. I just paid $0.99 for Astraware Solitaire and it's not very good at all. They have like 400 other games and my guess is they're too busy with everything else or were in a rush to ship this game. It doesn't run in landscape mode, the frame rate seems slow, the graphics don't seem up to their standards.

* Okay, we didn't have chickens when I was kid. But we had a lot of apple trees. Also. No one even let the chickens near the pool here, but it's a funny idea.

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