Sunday, July 12, 2009

Patchin' the pool, and lemon sorbet

We bought a citrus juicer, like this one. I think exactly this one. It looks like the Alien from the movie Alien... Or maybe like ET. It gets bad reviews on Amazon, but we paid $1 for it from a neighbor. It's been awesome for juicing lots of lemons. And since lemons are falling off our tree like rain it's helping a lot. We're drinking a lot of lemonade and eating lemon sorbet* between all meal courses.

Our neighbor, Alan, and his two kids stopped by yesterday. I mentioned to him that our pool has a leak on the top so it won't stay inflated. Subsequently we can't fill it enough to use the filter really. He said it's pretty easy to fix leaks like that and went right into action. He put all the kids to work with soapy water and sponges. I should have taken pictures. The kids were awesome although sometimes had to be reminded that the section nearest to the soapy water bucket was already bubbly enough and that they should move on. Anyway, we found three leaks and I patched 'em (This $30 used pool came with everything, including an unused patch kit!). Now it holds air way better. I found one last leak this morning when I filled it up. It was easy because air bubbles were just pouring up through the water.

It's Monday morning in Hong Kong... (but Sunday night in California) That means I'm looking online to see if Andy is around and if he'll be working on some solitaire art today. :) The settings control is ready-to-go and I cleaned up some of the texture loading code so it's much more concise. In the scheme things a customer would never know. But I know the code is a lot cleaner and that's worth something.

* You know, to clear the palate.

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