Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cool art, settings, building a wall

Andy's done a ton more fantastic art for my iPhone Solitaire game. The game is starting to look really good. It's been cool working with Andy. He's in Hong Kong so we end up talking when it's morning there and dinner-time here in California. The coolest thing is I wake up in the morning and there's new art! Nice.

I'm working on the Settings screen now. It's all custom-drawn in Open GL instead of using the normal iPhone OS stuff. I normally like to use the built-in user interface features of the OS, especially with Macs, but I think our screens are going to look better and all feel like they fit together much better this way.

In other news... Cousin Dan and I started filling in an arch in the living room here. Well, mostly Dan. I'm the assistant. I'll post pictures soon.

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