Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A quick update

This post is dedicated to Alison :-)

Kelly and I have been super busy with work lately. Our nephew Dan and his girlfriend, Kristen, came to visit. We're hoping they'll move out to California. Specifically... somewhere close. Now there are a lot of great reasons for them to move out, but a big one for me is that I can play board games with them.

We played this game, Raj, which was a lot of fun. I bought it on eBay for $3. It's a really simple auction game for 2-5 players.

We played another auction game called For Sale which was also a lot of fun.

Awwww. The picture link is broken and I need to go.

Jonah keeps getting cuter day by day. He likes to play "Google Firetruck." I sit in the chair, he brings a pillow, sits on my lap, we put the pillow on top and then the laptop on top of that. Then we go to Google Image Search and search for "firetruck" or whatever thing he wants to see. I highly recommend it for anyone with a 2 year old. Note: When Jonah says "Firetruck" it sounds more like "fih-fye-fr tuh-tr-truck."

Oh yeah, one more thing. He's been telling stories to us about daycare. Now he's only two so he's not a fabulous story teller yet. So they're things like "Finn bite ear." And we ask "Did Finn bite your ear? Who's ear did Finn bite?" And he'll say "Yes" to most questions. I was convinced Finn bit Jonah's ear but the official report is that Finn bit Anthony's ear. We also learned that they take their shoes off when they nap at daycare. And Jonah sleeps on a green bed and has a red blanket!

I've got to go. OKSEEYABYE!

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