Sunday, October 16, 2005

Old story from December 13, 2004

monday 12/13/04 - i watched jonah on the 7th night of chanukah. we did some runnin' around, playing with blocks, looking at the fan, reading books and he was gettin' kinda cranky. then boom he busts out with the "bath" sign. and i say "uh, you want a bath?" ('cause i don't normally give him baths. confidentially speaking i'm kind of scared of the water and swimming in general and being in charge of the baby in the tub kinda freaks me out. a little.) and he replies "Bath" sign! so i say "ok, let's give you a bath.

we practice some numbers in the bath and he plays with all the cups and empties them. they have holes in the bottoms. there's a plastic pot for a plant. kelly broke the base off so it's like the giant version of the little ones. eventually, and this has never happened with me, jonah gives the "all-done" sign. and i ask "all done?" because i don't believe it. almost every time i've ever pulled him out of the tub he cries. so he says "all-done" and i pick him up and he thinks it's all pretty nice and funny.

he points at the lotion and makes like he wants it. i dry him off and lie him down. no crying. he tries to reach for the lotion next to the bed i'm changing him on. i say "ok, you want lotion?" normally kelly lotions him all up and he likes it and it makes him laugh hysterically. so i do my best and he laughs a little and likes it. and although i normally also have a fear of lotion (yech!) it's ok with the baby. i go back to putting on his diaper and he rubs his hands together like i did after i squirted the lotion on. he wants more lotion! heh. so i re-lotioned him but i think the problem was i didn't get under his neck and make him super laugh.

i dressed him, with his shirt on backwards. huh, i wondered why it was so hard to get it on. ha. and then kelly called from outside! we waved from the window upstairs and she waved a new blue spatula she got me for chanukah.

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