Friday, September 02, 2005

Uh, hi, how's it going?

Sorry it's been so long since I've written anything. The news here is that I started working at Apple in April of 2005. Also. We have chickens. We had 5 hens. But then one turned out to be a rooster. He is no more.

In other news, check out this guy's lego robot that solves rubik's cubes.

Wait. There's more news. Jonah is 2 years old now. He's 95th percentile height and weight. I think he'll be taller than Kelly and I soon. When he's sleeping he likes to snug his head up against the edge of the crib. But a lot of the time this makes him too hot. I refer to this as "head sweaty." This happened earlier tonight. What I do in cases like this is grab his feet and slide his all body away from the edge. It makes me laugh thinking about it.

Kelly is good and I'm good and Jonah is good. Maybe we'll make pancakes tomorrow morning with the eggs from our chickens!

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alison said...

more postings please!