Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lots of stuff going on

We visited my Mom, Dad and brother David in Florida. It was super fun although also super cold. That was okay 'cause I don't like when it's hot and humid. It was ~36 degrees the morning that we flew home though!

There was a leak in our roof while we were gone. It was right above my tiny desk, next to my new Hackintosh PC. Yikes. Luckily my nephew Joe spotted the problem and did a ton of good work including moving all the junk out of my office, met with the contractor and more. My PC is working great and things are all in good shape. Plus the leak is fixed.

I'm busy catching up on lots of Sniderware stuff. Christmas Solitaire for iPhone and Christmas Solitaire HD for iPad just got approved by Apple and I need to do some promotion before it's too late. FreeCell and FreeCell HD have been doing well. I'm going to revamp the art in Spider and Klondike and release them with a bunch of bug fixes and a few new features (e.g. No more tiny text on retina displays, no repeated deals in Spider(!) and a new "Start Deal Over" option). Once everything's updated I'll get crackin' on an all-in-one solitaire. Maybe just a free one that you can buy extras in. Although maybe a paid version and a free one.

No possums while we were gone. In fact we got four eggs which is miraculous since the chickens haven't laid any eggs in months.

I'm cleaning my office and found some old haikus I wrote back when I worked for Delta Tao Software making Mac games. It was probably Haiku week there or something :) The main themes are Customer Support, Moving, Things that are delicious, and Trouble at school:

Haikus June 18th, 1998 Moving/New Roommates

Hello Matt and Sean
There sure are lots of boxes
I will never clean

Picture of sunflower
My mother gave it to me
Housemates say "too girly"

Customer Support/Delta Tao
Dear Ruth Ohara
You returned the disk months ago
Yeah, still doesn't work

(This was a disk a nice user returned because there was a problem. I think I found it and we hadn't responded to her yet. So I wrote this haiku.)

The phones are ringing
I'll be making more money
John will just be mad

Old people call us
Irritating John Walter
That's how I make dough

Dude, 'sup? Lance is here.
Plays Starcraft. Then does shipping.
We pay him little.

Replacement dog here
Bippie is irritating
I sort of like her

I hold the baby
Get a mocha in return
Mmmm. Oh yes. Caffeine.

Solitaire won't go
Preferences file is bad
Throw it in the trash

Delta Tao Software
Secret Motte "Games that Joe likes"
Please do not tell Joe

Maybe you are tough
Maybe you take us all on
Well, maybe not though

-- Some optional endings here...
Many types Pocky
Royal Milk Tea marble kind
(Tastes and smells so gross)
(So much like poison)
(Is disgusting taste)
(Unnatural taste)

Kid in second grade
Throws the hamster in the air
Why didn't he catch it?

Calculus exam
Lots of memorization
Notes in pocket watch

Sleeping through test bad.
Teacher nice. Take it later.
I get 6 percent.

-- This was when I worked at Babbages software store in a mall. I was talking with my friend, John, and here's what happened:
Used to work in software store
Old man wanders nearby us and says
"Mostly for women I guess"

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