Monday, April 28, 2008

Four Months?

Sheesh. It's been four months since I posted anything. That's no good. So here's to not worrying about posting important things, and to just trying to post more often.

Everyone's been sick over here on and off the past month or two. It's ridiculous. Although mostly Kelly doesn't get sick, or she gets sick at other weird times, like when we're not relying on her. It's probably a special mother super-power.

We have six new baby chicks. We've never had chicks before. When we first got our chickens long ago from Joe and Mary they were already ~1 month old. So Kelly and I took a class at a little (sort of hippy) farm in Santa Cruz two weeks ago. With the class we got six baby chicks and the basics to take care of them. So they live in a box in the shower in the little bedroom in our garage. Which actually is now my office. I work right near them and check on 'em pretty often. I prevented a jail break last week. They now have chicken wire on top of their box.

Let me bring up these CHICKEN SECRETS since this comes up almost every time someone comes over and we show 'em our hens. Hens will lay eggs even if there are no roosters. These eggs are just eggs, they're not fertilized (unless there are roosters around) so they won't hatch and you're not eating a baby chicken if you eat one. Also. The yolk is not what turns into a fluffy baby chick, it's some sort of magical goodness that the baby chicks eat when they hatch (before they hatch?). If you want to hard boil your fresh eggs you need to let them hang out in your fridge for a week or two. Fresh eggs have almost no air inside them and when you hard boil them they are astoundingly hard to peel. Store eggs are pretty damn old by comparison (but that's fine, eggs last a long time), and already have a good amount of air in them and can be hard boiled right away and are easy to peel.

Passover is over. We had a tiny seder at our house that was fun. I'm glad the week of trying to figure out what kind of Kosher for Passover lunch to send with Jonah to preschool is done. "Okay, Jonah, how about another day of matzoh ball soup, macaroons, and an orange?"

In the interest of posting more and not worrying about how good or bad my messages are... that's it for today! No pictures either. We have some good baby chick pictures though.

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Drew Olbrich said...

Can you post about laptop batteries again? That was good.