Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MacBook Battery X

Another battery has stopped working on Kelly's MacBook. Apple replaced the last battery a couple months ago which had the same problem. It wouldn't charge any more. It just showed a black x in the battery icon in the menu bar. Great.

The good news is we paid for the extra two years of Apple Care. (Yay?) The new battery failed in just a few months... I suspect we will have two more years of replacing batteries and shitty times on the phone with Apple. The phone support guy was nice. And mostly I left him on speaker phone while I worked. But I was on the phone with him for 51 minutes. And it still wasn't resolved at that point. Supposedly he's going to email me. He said since they had already sent me one replacement battery their default response was that they would not send another battery and I would have to pay. I almost laughed out loud when he mentioned that.

FYI There are a lot of people having battery problems with their MacBooks. Maybe I'll add a link here. But if you Google for MacBook battery problem I'm sure you'll find a ton.

p.s. My old iBook had a similar problem. I doubt if was the same issue, but my iBook stopped being able to charge batteries. It's a much longer story that makes me mad to think about. Anyway, that iBook was the reason we paid for the extra years of Apple Care and I always recommend it to friends who buy Apple laptops. They're great machines... but very unreliable, at least in my family.

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