Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow, family, friends and pictures!

We took a long (and mostly unpaid) vacation in Lake Tahoe with Jonah and Ari. Kelly rented a house for us which we will refer to as the "Snow House" from here on. I'll update this later with stories of injuries and board games. My friend (since 8th grade), Mitch, and his beautiful wife Pepper came to visit for a few days at the Snow House. It was great seeing them and I'm so glad they could make it. They're photographers and they took a mother lode of pictures of us and Jonah and Ari. Here's their journal page with some of the pictures.

Happy Birthday, Ari! It's Ari's birthday today. I don't think he realizes it though. We'll bake a cake tonight and maybe have a big dance party. Also fireworks.

Okay, maybe no fireworks. We might give him a bath though.

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