Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I hurried this morning to get out the door with Jonah, drop him off at daycare and make it onto my bullet train to San Francisco. I made it with five minutes to spare. Nice. I felt sorry for a lady I helped in the parking lot minutes before. She asked me how to pay for parking. I pointed out the machine and explained she had to pay $2 and put a tag on her dashboard. No big deal but the train would be leaving soon and her car was far away. She wasn't going to make it. I thought about what she would do if she missed the bullet and how much longer it would take her to get where she was going.

The good news is I'm sure she made her train. The bad news is that it's 40 minutes later and the train still hasn't left. There was an announcement that a "Trespasser" had been on the train in Mountain and all trains are stopped.

I got a really good seat. So that's nice. It faces the direction the train would go. If it were going. And my battery says it'll last another 2 1/2 hours even while I play music. I'm going to upload a picture and then get back to work. At least I have a job where it's not a big deal if I come in late.

Update!We'll be leaving in 4 minutes. I'm glad I stuck it out. We'll see how long this train takes to get to San Francisco now. Normally it takes an hour.

That's a picture of Jonah as a conductor there. He's not the actual conductor today.

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