Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Mesmerized by is crazy. After being mesmerized by it for a couple days I just spent $20. I've ordered...
  • A new logo for Sniderware from v3_lily on
  • A video ad for my friend Drew's old old web site (it's super funny though!)
  • A review of my FreeCell game to be sent to thousands of people on Twitter
  • A banner ad for FreeCell

I'll post what I end up getting once I start gettin' stuff back. (8 hours later!) I got the potential Sniderware logos. Here they are: This one's like a game controller that's gonna eat the company name...

A planet with a sad face made from a game controller?

I got my first banner ad. There was a typo at first ("Erik" instead of "Eric") but here it is fixed:


Daniel Wexler said...

What design guidelines did you provide?

Eric said...

Here's what I wrote:

My company is called Sniderware and we make mobile games, especially for iPhone and iPad right now, but will be moving back into desktop games too. The focus is on solitaire card games and other casual games – games that appeal to everyone.

My old web site is here:
And here's a link to the games in the Apple App Store:

I saw all your fantastic reviews and thought it would be great to see if you could make a new logo for my company. What do you think?