Friday, March 25, 2011

Do I have pink eye? Also. Scratch programming.

My eye is crazy itchy. Someone in Jonah's class had pink eye a couple days ago. Do I have it? I'm always getting pink eye from the kids. Man.

In other news... I'm trying to decide if I should be working on Mac solitaire or Android solitaire first. But really I'm busy with contracts so it's not that big an issue. Still, I'm excited to do something new.

Jonah has started doing some programming stuff with Scratch. It's a free and cool programming thing from MIT. It's sprite-based and the programming is drag & drop scripting. He showed me a tiny program he wrote yesterday where he said "Yell something." When I did a dragon appeared and it instantly changed size based on how loud I was. Cool. :) Anyway, Scratch is really well done. Check it out. I've also heard that Game Maker is really good for kids who want to learn to program and make games... But I haven't tried it yet.

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