Monday, September 29, 2008

Solitaire, iPod Touch, Chickens

I finally gave in and ordered an iPod Touch. I had lunch with my friend, Bob, and he graciously offered to use his Apple employee discount. I had been holding out for a while because I like to buy used things instead of new for a bunch of reasons. But the deals on used iPod Touches (That sounds a little creepy) were not-so-good. So soon I'll be the owner of a brand new one with a warranty and everything.

I've got my solitaire game working, but need to add all the user-interface goodness. Well, most of it. Like preferences, statistics etc. Mainly a way for the player to switch between the games. There's all this indirection in how you can set up things that's frustrating. I just want to lay out a screen and tell it to display a la Palm OS. I'm not so sure I want to layout a screen, create a navigation controller, a view controller and a monkey controller as well as connect all the things graphically. It's weird.

One of our chickens laid an egg.


It was small, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't planted by a "funny" neighbor. But that was it, that was days ago and no more eggs. I don't know what it costs to take care of chickens for 6 months but that's how much that egg cost us. Kind of similar to our four-plant tomato farm. We ended up having more than one tomato, but at first that one was the $50 (not including time, water or fertilizer) tomato. I think we're up to a three tomato yield now though, so hey we're under $17/tomato. Nice. Next year we'll find a sunnier spot. Or grow them on the roof.

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supercanuck said...

Brilliant! Your blogging efforts have not gone unnoticed!