Saturday, July 29, 2006

Babies, rats, new air conditioner

Jonah is almost three. Ari will be five months old in a few days. Jonah is like a grown-up now. We come home from work and he asks "So.... How was your day?" It's wild. Ari still barfs on everyone and everything. Well, that's not totally fair. If you're under one year old I think we call it "spitting up."

Kelly talked me into getting central air conditioning in our house. Or as we call it "AirCon*." It seemed like a waste of money even though I'm always the first to complain about how hot it is.

So the installers came and everything went smoothly. Until the next hot day when we closed all the windows and fired it up and the air that came out of the vents was luke warm. And stinky. Although the air conditioner was working beautifully, so was the furnace. It only took us two weeks and three more visits from the AirCon company to fix things so the furnace and AirCon could operate independently.

I'm still not sure the AirCon was a good investment. But it was pretty gratifying to use it in the past week or two where the high temperatures were ~105 degrees in San Jose. I was very glad we got it.

Oh yeah. The stinky smell turned out to be a dead rat in the filter. Good times. I'll post a picture of Kelly showing it off later.

* All the hotels in Mexico advertised Air Conditioning as "AirCon." Is that a European thing? A Mexico thing?

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